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Call Us Today!
(419) 882-1076
Annuities - At Powell Insurance Agency Inc., we help secure your financial future by offering fixed annuity products. By guaranteeing you fixed interest rates, we can predict growth that makes planning for long-term goals easier. Provided you hold the contract until maturity, you know exactly what your current contract will grow to.
Want to share in some of the gains and never any of the losses in the stock market? With an equity indexed annuity, your return is tied to the increase in one of several stock market indexes. If the stock market goes down, you do not lose any of your money. In fact, most equity indexed annuities guarantee you a minimum annual return (typically 3%) even if the index you invested in goes down the entire time you are invested.
Life Insurance - At Powell Insurance Agency Inc., we have life insurance products available to meet most any need. Term insurance is perfect for families on a limited budget or is very useful to pay down the mortgage for other loans if ones spouse dies. Whole life insurance provides insurance coverage for life. The death benefit is guaranteed so you know exactly how much the policy with pay upon a claim. Whole life insurance is an excellent choice for planning expenses.

Powell Insurance Agency Inc.
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    6029 Renaissance Place
    Toledo, OH 43623
    Phone: (419) 882-1076 or (800) 356-4069
    Fax: (419) 882-8464

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